UK Running Track Directory - Questionnaire

Track Name:

Full Address including postcode:



(preferably the one at the track. If there is not one at the track, please give the number for the person/department responsible for the track)


(preferably the one at the track. If there is not one at the track, please give the number for the person/department responsible for the track)


Track surface (e.g. synthetic, cinder, grass etc.):
(note that I only include grass tracks if they are permanently laid out)

Track length (usually 400 metres):

Number of complete lanes:

Number of lanes down the straight:

Opening Times:
(please state the times when the track is open to the general public, if at all. Please also state the times when the track is used by athletics clubs and whether these times are exclusive to club members. Please note that if the track is private I will make this clear.)



Is the track locked or otherwise normally unavailable for casual use by the public at other times:
(a simple Yes or No is shown for this - "No" is only shown if the track is not locked AND casual use is tolerated)


Charges to use the track:
(please state the standard daily 'non-member' charge for adults and juniors)


Track diagram: A sketch of the field-event and steeplechase facilities similar to that in the example diagram would be much appreciated. If this is not possible please indicate the field-event facilities below.

Field-event facilities:
(please state the number of locations for each event and, if possible, their position within the track arena. For runways and cages an indication of the configuration (see below) would be useful. Please also indicate if any of the facilities are unusable - perhaps due to a damaged cage, no stop board on Shot circle, etc.)

High Jump

Pole Vault

Long and Triple Jump

Shot Putt

Discus and Hammer


Some common configurations of runways are:

Combined Discus and Hammer cages either have:


Is the water-jump inside or outside the track?

Are the height of the barriers fixed or adjustable?

Changing facilities:

Are there full changing facilities (i.e. room, toilets and showers for both sexes)?

Where are they situated?

(please indicate whether they cover the track and the infield or just the track. If there are no lights or they don't work or aren't turned on please indicate whether there is enough other light to be able to use the track at night):


(please state the approximate number of permanent seats for spectators and whether they are covered or uncovered)


Track certification:
(for synthetic tracks only, please state the expiry date of the track certification)


Clubs that use the track:
(please note that I only count clubs who have regular training sessions at the track)


History of the track:
(e.g. when built, track surface upgraded, pavilion built etc.)




Other Info:
(Anything else about the track - perhaps plans for future development, the facilities in the pavilion like a bar and/or clubroom, anything unusual about the track, etc.)




Thank you very much.

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