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UK Athletics Club Website Directory - ones I have picked up in the course of my track researches

Major Athletics Associations

UK Athletics
AAA of England
Northern Ireland Athletics Federation
Scottish Athletics Ltd.
Athletics Association of Wales
Midlands AA
North of England AA
South of England AA
International Amateur Athletics Federation

UK Race Results sites (2005 results index pages given where possible)

British Athletics.Info
British Milers Club
GBR Athletics
JAND Results
JTG Results Service (Northern Ireland)
Kat Computer Systems
Northern Ireland Results (NIAF)
Running Times
Scottish Results (SAL)
UK Athletics
Welsh Results (AAW)

Recommended UK News and General sites

BBC - athletics news from the BBC
BritishAthletics.Info - stats and news from Rob Whittingham & Peter Matthews
Yahoo! Sport - athletics headlines from the popular search engine and portal
Eurosport - Athletics news from Eurosport
Onrunning - View From's running site with news, fixtures and results

UK All-Time Lists - an excellent resource from Martin Rix
Bob Spark's Home Page - sub 4 chronicle, ATFS & NUTS sites (sadly Bob passed away in 2003)
National Union of Track Statisticians - information about the NUTS who compile the UK track & field rankings
Tilastopaja Oy - World Athletics Lists

British Athletics - Zac's unofficial site
Runner's World UK - the electronic version of the magazine - great for road fixtures

The Triathletes Homepage - for news & reports about triathlon and duathlon in the UK

Very useful (for me at least!) UK resources

Arles Image Web Creator - excellent shareware package for getting images onto web pages

Collins Maps - Collins (formerly Bartholomew/Nicholson and now part of Harper Collins) produce the maps shown on this website. Their London maps are on a par with A-Z for locating tracks.

Cycle Speedway Tracks in UK another list

Estate Publications (Red Book) - quite good street maps for locating tracks Maps - maps of most places in the world from Microsoft

Football Grounds Frenzy - Mike Floate's superb site dedicated to football grounds. His links page contains details of many of the other football ground sites around and some kind words about me!

Football Ground Guide - considered to be one of the best sites on football league grounds

FTP Voyager - the FTP program I use

Geographers' A-Z Map Company - the best street maps for locating tracks

Get-a-Map - free mapping service from Ordnance Survey

Get Mapping - aerial photos of the whole of England and soon to be expanding to cover the whole of Scotland & Wales. An excellent resource.

Google - the most comprehensive search engine

Greyhound Racing UK Tracks (Gone to the Dogs) - some of these were running tracks once!

Groundtastic - interest in football grounds is such that a magazine on the subject is produced which is well worth a read.

Gym User - comprehensive directory of UK gyms

Health, Sports, Fitness & Leisure Clubs & Centres ( - for those rainy days! - very comprehensive

Independent Schools Information Service (ISIS) - very comprehensive directory of independent schools many of which claim to have athletics tracks but most are just temporary grass ones

Local Government Information (gwydir) - includes directory and clickable maps of UK Local Government websites some of which mention tracks in their area. Also includes useful discussion of what is now a county.

IrfanView - excellent freeware graphics program - used to create many of the pictures on this site

Local Government Information (Tagish's Essential Directory of UK Information Sources - has very useful alphabetical lists of UK Local Government and related websites

MapQuest - UK version of MapQuest - another good mapping website

MSN Maps (was MapBlast) - maps of most places in the world

Moon Software - has some excellent tools some of which are free. The shareware graphics version of Windows Explorer, Multimedia Xplorer, is well worth the modest license fee.

Multimap - street, OS Landranger, road & aerial maps of the UK and the rest of the world - used heavily on this site

Ordnance Survey - the 1:25000 Explorer, Pathfinder, Outdoor Leisure maps are a prime source for tracks, unfortunately the OS/Philip's street maps show hardly any

Postcode Areas (Brainstorm) - useful listing of postcode areas and their associated postal counties which are no longer required by the Post Office

Postcodes On-line (Royal Mail) - find your postcode - very useful

Quality Stadium Postcards - Colin Peel's site for showing off his superb stadium postcards some of which have tracks around them. - very useful site showing and selling old OS maps.

Railtrack Travel Timetable - UK railways timetable

School and College Performance Tables - also very useful for finding the address and telephone number of every school in England

Speedway (British Speedway Home Page) - includes directory of Speedway tracks - they look like running tracks on some maps!

Sporting Life - excellent UK Sports News site

Swimmers Guide - my equivalent for swimming pools

Telephone Directory (192.Com) - this is a cut down version of a CD you can buy - are you listed?

TheFitMap - another site with good listing of health clubs etc.

Transport Direct - plan a journey in the UK from anywhere to anywhere by any means of trasnport

Universities (UK Sensitive Map - Version 5 - University of Wolverhampton) - a lot of Universities have tracks - this is a very useful website map directory

UK Street Map - street, OS Landranger, road & aerial maps of the UK - highly recommended

Selection of useful overseas athletics and running sites

Runner's Web - Canada - links to just about everything

Run-Down - mainly USA - Yahoo!-style running portal

Spanish Running Tracks - my equivalent in Spain

Track Info - site listing tracks in California and Nevada in the USA together with other athletics information