Taunton School Track

Taunton School
Staplegrove Road

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Type: Cinder (no longer exists - built over), , lanes, lane straight

Authority: Somerset
Ceremonial County: Somerset

NUTS Name: Taunton (S)

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Multimap 1:10,000 (Street Level)
Multimap 1:25,000 (Area Level)
Multimap 1:50,000 (Area Level)
Multimap 1:100,000 (Road Level)
Multimap 1:200,000 (Road Level)
Streetmap (Street Level)
Streetmap (Area Level)
Streetmap (Road Map)

OS National Grid Reference: ST 220262
National Grid Reference: 322000, 126200

Paper Maps:
A-Z Taunton Street Plan 3G
OS Explorer Map: 128
OS Pathfinder Map: 1258
Red Book Taunton & Bridgwater 8 D3

Train: Taunton

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Other Info:
The site of this former track is now a natural grass amphitheatre with an all-weather football/hockey pitch called The Jowett in the middle although there is still a cinder HJ area, LJ/TJ runway and a throwing circle. There is also a LJ runway and a TJ in the adjoining grass pitch to the east. The A-Z and OS Explorer map depicts the track as having relatively long straights and very tight bends. An analysis of the maps and the current site reveals that the left edge of the long narrow track was next to the stream to the west of the pitch and the right side was about one-third across the pitch going west to east and level with the gravel path from the road to the pitch which appeared to be an extension to the straight. The northern tip would have extended to the boundary of the overgrown area next to the houses and the southern tip just in front of the DT circle immediately next to the shed. When the long narrow track was in existence, there was a third tennis court/netball area in the area now occupied by the HJ fan. The outline of a more standard sized oval around the pitch can be seen on the aerial shot of the location from the Millennium Map although this probably shows a temporary grass track. The grass area around the pitch is rather oval shaped and in a bowl and there is certainly room for at least an 8 lane 400m track around the pitch.

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