Oasis Track

Oasis Leisure Centre
North Star Avenue

Telephone: 01793 445400


Type: Cinder (no longer exists - built over), 400m, lanes, lane straight

Authority: Swindon
Ceremonial County: Wiltshire

NUTS Name: Swindon (O)

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Streetmap (Street Level)
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OS National Grid Reference: SU 147853
National Grid Reference: 414700, 185300

Paper Maps:
A-Z Swindon 2F 11
A-Z Swindon Street Plan 5J
Collins Swindon Streetfinder Colour Atlas 14 D3
OS Explorer Map: 169
OS Pathfinder Map: 1153
Red Book Swindon 15 G1 & 3 A1
Red Book Wiltshire 43 G1

Train: Swindon

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Other Info:
This was a cinder track on a redgra arena with permanent curbs only on the bends but was available all year. Open and trophy meetings were staged here but long throws and PV were not possible. It was immediately south of the Oasis Leisure Centre but was replaced with astroturf football pitches and the BT North Star House office complex when the synthetic track at the County Ground opened in 1985.

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