Unknown old track name, Surbiton

Exact location unknown

Telephone: N/A
Fax: N/A


Type: Unknown surface (no longer exists), 441.5y, lanes, lane straight

Ceremonial County: Greater London

NUTS Name: Surbiton

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National Grid Reference: Unknown, Unknown

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Train: Surbiton

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Other Info:
Some sort of track is to believed to have been in use in Surbiton from about 1880 to 1914 but the exact location of it is not currently known. A possible location is at the site of Victoria Road in the area between Balaclava Road and the railway and next to Brighton Road as an oval is shown here on an 1888 map although not the First Edition OS 1:10,560 map of 1971. Walter George was reported to have run a time trial 4:10.2 for the mile at this track in 1886 before he ran the official world record of 4:12 and 3/4 sec on 23rd August at Lillie Bridge which stood for 29 years. The Surbiton track was however remeasured and found to be 1.5 yards over 440y which might suggest it was actually a temporary grass one. In 1907 the Surbiton Amateur Athletics Sports took place at Shrewsbury House Ground on Maple Road. The 29th version took place at Surbiton CC Ground in Long Ditton on 18th April 1909 on a course marked out by Harry Andrews so this was almost certainly grass. There is however a Shrewsbury Close next to a playing field off Ditton Road in Long Ditton (TQ 182658, Surrey A-Z 8L 41). The cinder track at King George's Field which was lost in the early 1990s and which was sometimes referred to as being in Surbiton is listed under Tolworth.

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