Unknown track name, Staveley

Whittington Road
Barrow Hill



Type: Cinder (no longer exists - grassed over), >400m, lanes, lane straight

Authority: Derbyshire
Ceremonial County: Derbyshire

NUTS Name: Staveley

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OS National Grid Reference: SK 410755
National Grid Reference: 441000, 375500

Paper Maps:
A-Z Chesterfield 4A 8
OS Explorer Map: 269
Red Book Chesterfield 9 E1

Train: Chesterfield (4M)

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Other Info:
The track opened in May 1953 and was owned by Staveley Coal and Iron Company and was located at The Sports Ground, Handley Wood, Barrow Hill. It was cinder and had a 220y straight and was in use at least until the early 1960s. According to the A-Z and OS maps, the track was near rectangular in shape and the straights were about 220y without any extensions. The length of the track appears to have been about 3 laps to the mile. An aerial picture of the area shows that the ground is still there but the track appears to have been removed or overgrown. The postal address of the road it is on is actually Barrow Hill, CHESTERFIELD but have listed under Staveley as that is the accepted place.

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