Unknown track name, Norton Woodseats

Woodland Road



Type: Cinder (no longer exists - grassed over), 400m/440y, lanes, lane straight

Authority: Sheffield
Ceremonial County: South Yorkshire

NUTS Name: Sheffield (NW)

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OS National Grid Reference: SK 358830
National Grid Reference: 435800, 383000

Paper Maps:
A-Z Sheffield 4F 111
OS Explorer Map: 278
OS/Philip's South Yorkshire 141 B3

Train: Sheffield (3M)

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Other Info:
An aerial picture taken in 1999 suggests that the track has been grassed over although one straight and part of a bend retains the cinder surface. The track location is near Newfield School, Lees Hall Road, SHEFFIELD, S8 9JP and is in the locality of Norton Woodseats. It is also near Graves Park.

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