University of Nottingham (Highfields) Track

Highfields Sports Ground
University of Nottingham
University Boulevard

Telephone: 0115 925 6612 (groundsman)


Type: Cinder (no longer exists - grassed over), 503m, 6 lanes, 6 lane straight

Authority: Nottingham City
Ceremonial County: Nottinghamshire

NUTS Name: Nottingham (H)

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OS National Grid Reference: SK 538374
National Grid Reference: 453800, 337400

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A-Z Nottingham 4H 47
OS Explorer Map: 260
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OS/Philip's Nottinghamshire 184 A4
Red Book Nottinghamshire 15 D2

Train: Beeston

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Other Info:
The track was dug up in 2000 and is now a grass pitch. It was rather unique in that it was believed to be 503m in length as 1500m races used to start 9 metres past the start line. Apparently when it was built, it was marked out incorrectly and was never changed. It was however measured to be 504m a couple of years ago. The width of the track was actually about 5.5 standard lanes. There was a cinder sprint straight, approximately 100m long and also about 5.5 lanes wide, inside and parallel to the home straight. The HJ area was halfway down the home straight on the outside of the track. In the late 1990s, the track was in fair to poor condition and did not seem to be used much. It reportedly never got waterloggged but when it had rained it turned into a sort of porridge consistency. In March 2001 it was announced that Highfields Sports Club had been given a 2M grant from the Sport England Lottery Fund to build new artificial hockey pitches on the site to form a hockey centre of excellence that will be part of the English Institute of Sport, itself part of the UK Sports Institute.

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