Unknown old track name, Norwich

Exact location unknown

Telephone: N/A
Fax: N/A


Type: Unknown surface (no longer exists), , lanes, lane straight

Ceremonial County: Norfolk

NUTS Name: Norwich (Old)

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OS National Grid Reference:
National Grid Reference: Unknown, Unknown

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A-Z Norwich #
Red Book Norwich #


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Other Info:
Some sort of track was in use here in the late 19th century which was not thought to be at any of the current track locations in Norwich. There was a speedway track in Norwich called The Firs Stadium on the Cromer Road but again this is unlikely to have been the location. There was also some sort of cycle track in existence until at least 1929 as there is a photograph of a 5-man tandem on a track in Norwich in 1929 in a local history book. This did not give any hint to its exact location other than a pavilion in the background.

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