Copenhagen Running Grounds

Garratt Lane

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Type: Grass (no longer exists - built over), 440y, lanes, lane straight

Ceremonial County: Greater London

NUTS Name: London (Wan)

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Other Info:
The track was opened on 28th Mar 1853 by Robert Sadler. It was originally square and called the New Surrey Pedestrian Ground and was attached to the Duke of Wellington Public House which was also referred to as the Wellington Inn. It was changed in 1859 to a "circular oblong" 440y track with a 200y diagonal sprint straight from one side to the other. The grounds were renamed Copenhagen Running Grounds in 1861 by John Garratt who had previously owned the Copenhagen Running Grounds at Islington. There is a reference to a race here on 8th Aug 1864 but the grounds closed shortly after this due to the influence of some puritanical neighbours. The exact location of the track is uncertain as the ground or pub is not on any map and so it is thought to have been a grass track. One theory is that it was in the area now between Kimber Road and Twilley Street with Furmage Street in the centre as this was in a field in the 1860s. Another theory was that it was further down Garratt Lane in Summerstown.

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