Old Street

Central Foundation Boys School Track

Central Foundation Boys School
Cowper Street

Telephone: 020 7253 3741
Fax: 020 7336 7295


Type: Hard, 150m, 2 lanes, 2 lane straight

Ceremonial County: Greater London

NUTS Name: London (OS)

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National Grid Reference: Unknown, Unknown

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Train: Old Street LU/NR

Opening Times: Not open to the public
Is track locked/unavailable for casual use at other times: Yes
Charges: N/A

Track Diagram: Not available
Field Event Facilities: None
S/C Water Jump: None

Changing: Full (probably) in school
Seating: None

Clubs: None

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Other Info:
This is a 2 lane 150m green coloured acrylic oval track (textured tennis court paint) sprayed onto the macadam playground. The lanes are about 0.85m wide, the straights are about 46.5m and the bends are about 28.5m. There is also a 2 lane 60m straight in the infield. These lanes are about 1.10m wide. It was painted in June 2001 and the lines markings were completed by Athletic Markings Ltd. on 20th June 2001. The surrounding areas of macadam are not painted. Before 2001, the track only had white lane markings but the lanes were not coloured.

Last update: 18/06/2001

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