The Stadium

Stadium Street

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Type: Unknown surface (no longer exists - built over), , lanes, lane straight

Ceremonial County: Greater London

NUTS Name: London (CrG)

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OS National Grid Reference: TQ 265772
National Grid Reference: 526500, 177200

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Old OS Map London Sheet 87 (Chelsea 1865)


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Other Info:
In 1825 there is reference to "manly exercises" at what was known as The Stadium and a sporting club operated from here. In 1845 Cremorne Gardens opened in this area and included a theatre, circus, shooting gallery, grotto, fountains and a bowling saloon but the gardens closed in 1877. There is also reference in 1863 to the owner of Cremorne converting his Ashburnham Hall into an (indoor) "athletic arena" and the West London Rowing Club held some sports there by gaslight there on 7th Nov. An area called Cremorne Gardens still exists today in a small area on the riverbank. In the 19th century the gardens also occupied the whole area now taken up by housing between King's Road and Lots Road. Some sort of slightly irregular oval track is shown on a 1864 OS map at Cremorne Gardens where now the appropriately named Stadium Street meets Cremorne Road although this may have been more of an ornamental path rather than whatever was used in 1825.

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