Flora Grounds

Exact location unknown

Telephone: N/A
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Type: Cinder (no longer exists), 240y, lanes, lane straight

Ceremonial County: Greater London

NUTS Name: London (Bay-F)

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National Grid Reference: Unknown, Unknown

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Other Info:
A sprint ground opened here in March 1849 and was believed to have been owned by a Mr. Cheese. It was also referred to as the Flora Race Ground and was an extension to some horticultural grounds.. Westhall walked 14 miles here in 1:57:45 on 23rd July 1849. The ground was enlarged and reopened on 26th Feb 1850 although it was still very small and there was no stand. It was described as having a 240y "broad and hard gravel walk" (circuit) and a 130y sprint straight in the centre of the ground. It was also described as being 73 times round for 10 miles which is fractionally over 241y.

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