Unknown track name, Arncliffe Road

Arncliffe Road



Type: Unknown surface (no longer exists - grassed over), , lanes, lane straight

Authority: Liverpool
Ceremonial County: Merseyside

NUTS Name: Liverpool (Wo)

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OS National Grid Reference: SJ 438856
National Grid Reference: 343800, 385600

Paper Maps:
A-Z Liverpool 2B 114
A-Z Merseyside 1H 131
Collins Merseyside Streetfinder Atlas #
OS Explorer Map: 275

Train: Hunt's Cross

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Other Info:
The track was rectangular and had square corners and was believed to have been around a cricket pitch. A local says that the track was grass but then again an oval track could have been marked out on the edge of the pitch. A rectangular track depicted running track is shown on an OS 1:10,000 map so whatever it was clearly permanent. The location is now one large playing field with a railing across one corner as shown on map and there are no visible signs of a track. The track may have been associated with the nearby Knowsley Southern Primary Support Centre, Arncliffe Road, LIVERPOOL, L25 9QE or the Takare Homes Ltd., Arncliffe Court Nursing Home, 147a Arncliffe Road, LIVERPOOL, L25 9QF which were both schools at one time. A track in Woolton is mentioned in the 1962 AW list of cinder tracks so this may have been the one. The location however is possibly more Halewood than Woolton but in 1962 the boundaries may have been different. The area next to the track location is called Halewood Triangle Country Park.

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