Unknown track name, Sheldon Heath Road

Sheldon Heath Road



Type: Cinder, 400m/440y, 6 lanes, 12 lane straight

Authority: Birmingham
Ceremonial County: West Midlands

NUTS Name: Birmingham (SH)

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OS National Grid Reference: SP 151852
National Grid Reference: 415100, 285200

Paper Maps:
A-Z Birmingham 4G 121
A-Z Birmingham Mini 1A 80
A-Z West Midlands 2C 116
A-Z Birmingham (Ed 2A and older) 1E 93
OS Explorer Map: 220
OS Pathfinder Map: 934

Train: Marston Green (1.5M)

Opening Times: Open all the time
Is track locked/unavailable for casual use at other times: No
Charges: None

Track Diagram: Click here
Field Event Facilities: None that are really usable - 1 DT (INT, no cage), 1 SP (overgrown)
S/C Water Jump: Outside track but barrier has been removed and app

Changing: None
Floodlights: None
Seating: None

Clubs: None

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Other Info:
This redgra track is badly overgrown and rutted, especially in the inner and outer lanes and has obviously been disused for some years. A derelict S/C water jump and 2 overgrown throwing circles are the only other signs of former activity. The grass infield is however fairly well maintained and used for football. An interesting feature of the track is that the width of the home straight is double that of the back. The block of flats that were behind the track were demolished in 2000. The pavilion marked on the A-Z no longer exists.

Last update: 29/05/2000

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