Holyrood Track




Type: Unknown surface (no longer exists but unsure if ever was a permanent track), , lanes, lane straight

Authority: Belfast City
Ceremonial County: Belfast City

NUTS Name: Belfast (H)

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Multimap 1:10,000 (Street Level)
Multimap 1:25,000 (Area Level)
Multimap 1:50,000 (Area Level)
Multimap 1:100,000 (Road Level)
Multimap 1:200,000 (Road Level)
Streetmap (Street Level)
Streetmap (Area Level)
Streetmap (Road Map)

OS National Grid Reference: Unknown
National Grid Reference: Unknown, Unknown

Paper Maps:
Collins Belfast Streetfinder Atlas 22 G11
Collins Belfast Streetfinder Map G11
OS of NI Discovery 15
OS of NI Greater Belfast (1994 edition) G5

Train: Adelaide

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Other Info:
Events used to take place at Holyrood. There is a road called this which leads into area where the Queen's Elms Queen's University residences are situated. This is also near Stranmillis College. I am not sure however if this is the correct venue. It is possible Holyrood is confused with Holywood and there is a disused cinder track on Holywood Road at Aircraft Park.

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