Hammer Complex Track

Agnes Street



Type: Cinder, 300m, 6 lanes, 6 lane straight

Authority: Belfast City
Ceremonial County: Belfast City

NUTS Name: Belfast (AS)

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OS National Grid Reference:
National Grid Reference: Unknown, Unknown

Paper Maps:
Collins Belfast Streetfinder Atlas 15 G7
Collins Belfast Streetfinder Map G7
OS of NI Discovery 15
OS of NI Greater Belfast (1994 edition) F9

Train: Yorkgate (1.5M)

Opening Times: Track is surrounded by a high fence but as of Feb 2000 there is a large gap in it so effectively it is open all the time
Is track locked/unavailable for casual use at other times: No

Track Diagram: Click here
Field Event Facilities: None
S/C Water Jump: None

Changing: Full (probably) in adjacent pavilion
Floodlights: Yes
Seating: None

Clubs: None

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Other Info:
The track appears to be 300m and is on a black cinder-type hard play area known as the Hammer Complex and is owned by Belfast City Council. There are permanent concrete curbs although these were partially concealed by the top surface as of Feb 2000 and on first glance one would probably not realise that there is a track here. The home straight is partially extended at both ends to allow for 100m races. The track and football pitch in the infield are fully floodlit and this is potentially a very useful inner-city facility. The track is surrounded by a high fence but as of Feb 2000 one section of it is missing. The track is adjacent to Malvern Primary School, Forster Street, BELFAST, BT13 1HW and the Hammer Youth Resource Centre, Agnes Street, BELFAST, BT13 1SH but it is not directly associated with either. There is a pavilion at the track but there are no signs on it to indicate potential users. There are plans to change the hard-play area into just a football pitch so presuambly this would involve replacing the cinder surface with astroturf.

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